Expectant Parent Letter

Dear Expectant Parents-

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and to consider us as adoptive parents for your child.  We know that this must be a very difficult decision for you.  We hope that this letter will give you a glimpse of our live and shows you what type of family we have to offer.

We are Nic and Jennie – a fun, loving, happy couple that fell in love with each other’s smile and laughter.  We are blessed with a great family filled with our sisters and brothers, nieces and nephew and extended family.  We have been unsuccessful in conceiving a child over the last few years, but that has not stopped us from believing that we are meant to have a family of our own.

Nic was born in Seattle as the youngest of three boys.  His father and mother were college sweethearts at Central Washington University.  His family moved to Manson, WA when Nic was 2 for his Dad’s construction business.  He had an amazing childhood growing up on Lake Chelan.  Nic spent much of his childhood playing sports and having fun in the lake.

In high school, his mom was his principal so he had no choice to behave.  He was in the National Honor Society, homecoming king, All-State football player, baseball and basketball captain.  During the summers, he would work for his father’s masonry business.  Lots of long hours and hard work!

In 2002, Nic graduated from Central WA University with a double major in Operations Management and Management Information Systems.  He went to work for Amazon.com and realized that he was more interested in the construction field.  He now is a Project Manager/Estimator at a construction firm in Seattle.  He absolutely loves what he does and who he works with.

Jennie says, “Whenever I see Nic with our nieces and nephews, I see how much they adore him and I know that he’ll be the best father.  He has the patience, love, hilarious personality that all kids are just drawn to and those are just a few of the reasons why I love him so much.”

Jennie was born in Minnesota, the youngest of three girls.  Her dad got a job with Boeing and moved the family to Renton, WA to work as an engineer when she was 5.  She had a great childhood and took part in Girl Scouts, CCD, softball, basketball, karate and tennis.  Her mom was the scout leader and participated in coaching in all the sports she played.

In high school, she made varsity in tennis her freshman year and went to State in her sophomore year.  She also was the varsity captain of the tennis and volleyball team.  In middle school Jennie’s mom, Kathleen, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  When Jennie was 16 her mother passed away.  From this experience, Jennie learned how important a mother figure really is.  She appreciated the time she had with her and misses her every day.

We met in 2003 and went out on our first date to a Thai place and then got a drink afterwards at a nearby bar.  Jennie had her 2nd interview at her current job now, which lasted 3 hours that day, so she wasn’t her normal exciting self… the date went okay.  However, with her new busy schedule and adjustment to work, Nic still pursued her.  About a month after their first date, they went out again – bowling.  Jennie says that Nic has loved her since the first time he saw her, Nic says, “Whatever.”

After about 1 ½ years of dating, we decided to move in together and a year after that, we decided to buy a house together.  In 2007, we were married on Guemes Island, a very beautiful private island in the San Juans where Nic’s family has two houses and property on the island.  We definitely didn’t expect all of our family and friends to attend because Guemes is about 1 ½ hours away from Seattle.  250 people showed up for our wedding day, it was amazing!  A big school bus picked everyone up as they walked over the ferry, bouncy houses for the kids and a cabin that was being remodeled as our dance floor.  It was a dream; we couldn’t imagine it to be any more perfect.

Guemes is truly our 2nd home and we can’t wait to introduce our kids to it.  We celebrate the majority of the holidays there with Nic’s family.  Christmas is overwhelming with all the presents stacked under the tree and Nic’s mom crazily filed stockings for everyone!  Thanksgiving all of our extended family comes from Jennie’s side to Nic’s brother’s wives side, parents and siblings.  Besides the holidays, we usually head to Guemes once a month to spend time with Nic’s parents who now live there and to enjoy walks on the beach to find agates!

We love living in West Seattle.  It’s like suburban living in the city.  Our neighborhood is 3 houses away from a little league field with an awesome playground.  Our nieces and nephews all know the park but we can’t wait to take our kids there.  Where we live is located right between our jobs, Nic works north and Jennie works south.  We are also right in the middle to where our family is and have gatherings at our house all times of the year!  We have friends constantly asking when they can come over so that Nic can cook for them, so we are always having people over for dinner and bbq’s!

Would both consider our siblings and their spouses as our best friends, other than each other!  When Jennie was 21, she found out that she had a ½ sister she never knew about.  After finding her 12 years ago, we’ve been able to enjoy a wonderful relationship with her.  It’s as if she’s been part of our family our entire life.  We also have a great group of friends who we’ve known for 20+ years.  We love hanging out with them and their kids.

You can easily find us at any sporting event in Seattle like the Mariners, Seahawks and all things Huskies!  Go UW!  Both of us can’t wait till we have kids when we can coach them in sport.  We both were very active when we were kids and think that it’s something very important for our kids to also be involved in.  We also value music and the arts; going to see concerts, comedy shows and museums!  While we both might have faked our way through choir, if our child has a desire to sing, we would support and encourage it.

Education is a very important value that was instilled into both our heads when we were young.  While we both followed similar paths getting our college degrees such as changing colleges, time off, the journey was important.  We eventually did get our degrees and are now pursuing our Master’s in Business Administrations.  Our parents played a very big part in making sure we understood the value of education and we hope to do the same with our children.  Jennie’s dad was a refugee from Vietnam that fled during the Vietnam War.  He toughed himself English and graduated from the University of Minnesota with an engineering degree.  Her mom was a licenses practical nurse (LPN).  Nic’s mom is a high school principal with a Master’s in Education from Gonzaga University and his dad attended Central WA U.

Adding a child to our family will be the most important thing that we’ll ever do.  We are prepared to be there to support and raise the child.  Family comes first to us, over everything.  We can’t wait to share our life with our children, love them, cherish them and also be part of their lives.

We feel honored that you are taking the time to look at our information and we wish you the best in whatever your decision may be.  We look forward to the journey ahead and connecting with you.

With all of our love,

Nic & Jennie


Adoption Brochure (Download our Expectant Parent Letter)

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